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Helena's Legacy
Jo-Anne Berthelsen . ISBN 9781921589591 . Price

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Helena's Legacy's yet another captivating novel by Jo-Anne Bethelsen author of 'Helena', 'All the Days of My Life', 'Laura' and 'Jenna'!

A Time To Heal - Read as one of the main characters Doctor Susan Curtis faces the birth of her first child alone, bitter at being rejected by her fiancé and family. She begins her own reluctant journey towards God, but it is not until she comes to know Heléna Hajek and to trust her that she is able even to consider forgiving those who let her down.

Journey with Heléna as she desires to make a real difference in the lives of Susan's whole family as well as that of her good friends Ben and Marie. But how can she best help them? And what lasting legacy can she leave behind for each of them

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