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In His Time
Dawn Veness . ISBN 9780987388810 . Price

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Her life used to be a place of laughter…a safe haven.
Overnight, her refuge was no longer a sanctuary of tranquillity and harmony, and she was alone.

It was fraught with ever-present danger. Even shadows seemed to threaten her
very existence.

Full of ambition, an opportunity interstate presented itself.

Would her aspirations of becoming a top photo/journalist materialise, or will they be trampled underfoot…along with herself?

Does the tapestry of her life include anyone?
Scared and alone in a foreign place, heartbreak and confusion intermingle with a series of dramatic events, which guide her in directions unforseen.

About the Author

Dawn Veness resides on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

A former children's author, she has written - and had published overseas - many children's stories. In His Time is her first move into adult fiction.


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