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Jocelyn's Journey
Caroline Fraser . ISBN 9780980452303 . Price

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Jocelyn’s journey begins on a stony rutted track heading nowhere as she faces the grim reality of her husband’s death. Jack, a Christian Aboriginal, himself a widower with a young child, walks beside her in her grief, sharing his faith and easing her burden.

In her journey Jocelyn is confronted by her own latent racism, judgemental attitudes and selfishness which she struggles to deal with. Learning that Jack was a ‘stolen child,’ she comes face-to-face with the brutal realities of Australia’s past treatment of its indigenous people and the legacy of suffering they still endure. Flashbacks take the reader into Australian pioneer, and Kamilaroi history.

As she travels the trails of pain and suffering with Jack's birth family, Jocelyn learns that the only way to reconciliation, giving and accepting real forgiveness, and coping with and overcoming life's injustices and frustrations comes from a deep relationship with God.

Jocelyn's journey towards recovery and purpose in life again takes some strange twists and turns; directions she could never have foreseen. The last leg of the journey, and the beginning of a whole new journey, brings her to a stunned standstill when she discovers the shocking secret of her own past.


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