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Kept By Love
Kaye Hollings . ISBN 978-0-9923452-6-6 . Price

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As her perfect world begins to crumble,
can she find strength to cope with
dashed hopes and shattered emotions?

To accept yourself, like what you see, and acknowledge that others like what they see, had been a long process for Toni. For over a year she’d been basking in the warmth of being married to the man of her dreams and working in a new career she loved, but vulnerability and uncertainty were never far from the surface.

She couldn’t know that someone unexpected would enter her life, revealing hidden secrets from the past and neither was she prepared for established norms to irrevocably change and be tested.

Being married meant learning to communicate at a deeper level, sharing plans and goals, and she begins to question life and belief. What did she have to contribute? How do you move forward during the tough times?

As we journey with Toni again, we share her laughter and tears as she tries to balance doubt and faith, loss and blessing, sadness and joy. Will she lose herself in the fight to survive or discover what really matters in life?


Kaye has been a freelance writer for over 30 years. Kept by Love is the sequel to Dawn of Hope published in 2013. She has previously had a book of poems for children published called Fortesque and Friends, and many human interest stories.

Her two greatest passions in life have always been writing and caring for those who are hurting. After being a Mental Health Hospital Chaplain for 12 years, Kaye continues to reach out to those living with a mental illness. She has also been a Funeral Director and currently works as a Celebrant, helping families to deal with grief and loss.

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