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Project Hot Potato
Danielle Terceiro . ISBN 9780987593221 . Price

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Sophie is not happy with her family’s move to the house with purple-patterned carpet. She is missing her old friends, her old school, and life in a house without crimes of carpet. It does not help that her new neighbor Claire is keenly pursuing a non-friendship with Sophie, and encouraging others at school to do the same.

The house seems to have sucked a few undesirable things into her life. What is this mysterious Hot Potato project her dad is working away on late at nights in his attic office? Why do her dad’s new clients, Shaun and Shirl, keep popping up so awkwardly and mysteriously at the edges of her family life?

Sophie has had enough. She will take the Hot Potato into her own hands….

About the Author:

Danielle lives in Sydney with her husband Michael. They have four children- three girls and one boy (not necessarily in that order). Danielle grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, and her bedroom had bright orange scratchy carpet.

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