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Daniel's Diet Recipe Plan
Philip Bridgeman ND. BSc. . ISBN 9780987388865 . Price

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Following the huge success of Daniel’s Diet, and Daniels Diet Lifestyle, bestselling author Philip Bridgeman brings you Daniel’s Diet Recipe Book. Designed as a vegetarian recipe book to compliment the 10 day Daniel’s diet, Daniel’s Diet Recipe Book gives you step-by-step instructions for creating vegetarian dishes - recipes so delicious that even meat eaters will enjoy!

There are 10 easy-to-make breakfast recipes, 10 morning and afternoon teas, and 10 dinners, with added bonus recipes to help you undertake the 10 day weight loss and detox program. All the foods are found naturally in God’s garden and include all the colors of the rainbow to ensure full nutritional value.

Philip’s two books – Daniel’s Diet and Daniels Diet Lifestyle – have been a major blessing to many people around the world, and now Daniel’s Diet Recipe Book is the perfect compliment.

This diet not only changed my life but probably saved it. I was obese, had very low self image and doctors were worried for my health.
Now things are so different; I have followed your 10 day diet three times in the last 2 months (In between the 10 days I have followed your Daniel’s Diet Lifestyle) and have lost 19 lbs or 9 Kilos every time I did the 10 days (57 lbs in total). My confidence is returning and I have so much more energy. I am sleeping much better at night and I have 5 of my fellow office workers doing the diet as well, and all have great results.
Karen M.

I have just completed your 10 day detox diet, and can't believe I did it. I feel so renewed and so in control of my life. I did not realize the hold coffee had over me. You warned of detoxing effects, but 'wow' is all I can say. Since the diet I have lost the cravings.

It’s all so amazing. My husband is also inspired by what I have just done, so he is joining me on our good healthy eating plan. A huge 'thank you' for speaking the truth into our lives & for sharing your knowledge.
Wendy C

About the authorv
For the last 25 years Naturopath and Nutritionist Philip Bridgeman has been treating overweight and ill people by addressing their diet and lifestyle. Philip’s books, based on the biblical book of Daniel Chapter 1, has been the most effective tool Philip has used to help his patients achieve not only weight loss, but also healthier living. The sheer volume of success stories proves it. Philip has received literally hundreds of successful testimonies from people who have lost weight, regained energy and been healed of various health problems, simply by following this 10 day diet.

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