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The Art of Healing
Josh Klinkenberg . ISBN 9780994123527 . Price

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"I urge you to embark on reading this book with an open heart, hungry and expectant to learn how to join Jesus in practicing the art of healing.”
Banning Leibscher, Jesus Culture Director

The Art of Healing is the self-told story of a life journey into the miraculous. Josh Klinkenberg shares the keys of the Kingdom and insights he has gained through walking a road few have had the opportunity to travel. Josh shares profound revelation that will activate you into a life of healing and the miraculous.

He also addresses many of the commonly held “hard questions” in regards to healing, such as:

What about Job?
What about God’s sovereignty?
Is it God’s will for everyone to be healed?
Can everyone heal the sick?

Allow your faith to be stretch, your theology to be challenged, and your comfort zones to be completely demolished as you jump into this age-old adventure that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time—the Kingdom life!

“This book is a challenge to us all to walk in the destiny Jesus paid for."
Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture Music

About the author:
Josh Klinkenberg and his wife Amberley are the directors of InFlame Ministries in New Zealand. They travel their home country and further afield with a ministry that is marked by healings, signs and wonders. After their first child was born with severe special needs that required 24/7 care, the Klinkenbergs began their journey into the unknown to discover God as healer. Josh is a producer, songwriter, author, speaker and worship leader. As well as pioneering InFlame Ministries in New Zealand, the Klinkenbergs are also Global Directors with Sounds of the Nations, and are Jesus Culture Music Artists.

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