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The Body Battle
Sheralyn Bucknell . ISBN 9781921589737 . Price

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“Once I got to know Sheralyn, I realized she’d discovered the key to cultivating a truly healthy mind, body, AND spirit. I’m delighted that she’s written this book. Once you read it, I believe you will be too!”
Shannon Ethridge, M.A. Life Coach, and Best-selling author

“This book will definitely bring renewed hope for those who have looked for solutions for their body battles, but find they are still searching. Search no more! ... You will be sure to catch the hope and freedom Sheralyn carries.”
Dr Phil Pringle, C3I Global

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"Make food and exercise your friend not your foe. Discover your real conflict and the keys to fight strategically and win the war!"

Despite outward appearances, many of us face real struggles with our physical appearance, weight and self worth. Welcome to The Body Battle.

In this frank and refreshing new book, Sheralyn Bucknell unveils the spiritual basis of The Body Battle in a clear and compelling account.

Sharing her own story, and the stories of many of those she has helped, Sheralyn questions the false promises of dieting and fitness regimes and points to the only source of freedom - the cross of Jesus Christ.

Reading The Body Battle will:

• Empower you to eat well; exercise moderately and consistently; without being obsessive or legalistic.

• Help you to discover your body battle is actually spiritual in origin and cannot be solved with physical solutions only.

• Help you achieve and stay at your ideal weight for the rest of your life without dieting or strict exercise programs.

• Celebrate your unique beauty and body shape, and love yourself inside and out.

• Eradicate ‘good food/bad food’ mentalities and ‘good girl/bad girl’ behaviors.

• Uncover negative personal beliefs that prevent you from being healthy, fit and free.

• Teach you new ways of thinking that will transform you from the inside out.

• Teach you how to overcome your body struggles once and for all and discover the keys to cultivating a truly healthy mind, body, and spirit.

About the Author

Sheralyn is a pastor at C3 Church, Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia and is available to speak at women’s events and church services. Along with The Body Battle message, she is passionate about empowering others to live by faith and fulfill their destiny through a close relationship with God.

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