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Fundraising - Key Steps To Raising Finances For Your Organisation
John Bradford . ISBN 0975798693 . Price

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In the increasingly competitive world of fundraising, competency in acquiring funds has never been more important. In Australia alone, there are more than 20,000 registered charities, and coupled with the thousands of churches surviving on tithes and offerings, competition for the Christian dollar has never been higher.

In Fundraising - Key steps to raising finances for your organisation, author John Bradford provide strategies for running an effective charitable organisation.

There are many skills related to raising funds, skills are required to ensure that adequate funds are available for charities to deliver on their mission.

This book is also an eye-opener for churches as to how charities operate and why there is increasing competition between churches and charities to secure Christian funds.

Donors are becoming more selective as to where they put their money and are also wanting to see evidence of where and how these funds are used.

If you are in a management position in a charity or church, you cannot afford not to read Fundraising.


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