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Over My Shoulder
Naomi Reed . ISBN 1921589019 . Price

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In Over My Shoulder, Naomi Reed seeks to reveal and celebrate our differences within cross-cultural service. She draws from 49 interviews with a range of cross-cultural workers whose responses to questions of adjustment and missionary life are as diverse as they are excruciatingly honest. In linking these responses to personality type, Naomi provides a unique glimpse into the way different personalities respond to the challenges and delights of cross-cultural service. This book will both encourage and stimulate the missions community - it's a must-read for anyone involved in, or interested in, cross-cultural mission.

"Serving cross-culturally with an international mission organisation can be as challenging as it is deeply rewarding. On top of language learning and local cultural orientation, there is also the need to form good working relationships with people from widely differing backgrounds and to deal healthily with a range of expectations. It's no wonder then that out of our insecurities, we're tempted to look over our shoulders and think that we have to grow in likeness to the expatriate who lives down the street, rather than in likeness to Christ." Naomi Reed

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