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Winning Between The Ears
Gary Blackford . ISBN 9780648173427 . Price

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Written by a dyslexic with a re-wired brain, ‘Winning Between the Ears’ will inspire you that anything is truly possible. Filled with disarming candour, vulnerability and humour, this story will touch your heart and stimulate your mind.

Combining ancient texts, modern neuroscience and a powerful story of transformation, ‘Winning Between the Ears’ is refreshingly easy to understand and powerful in application. Learn how to live a life equipped to control your thought processes while embracing your true self. It’s fun, illuminating and challenging, but above all liberating.

At times you’ll feel this short punchy book is like a right jab to the solar plexus and other times you’ll feel a loving arm around your shoulder. However, make no mistake, this book will profoundly impact your life. Enjoy!

About the author:
Gary Blackford is an author, speaker, minister, husband and father of four. ‘Winning Between the Ears’ follows his highly successful first book ‘The Fog Lifter.’ Gary has pastored several churches, has been an international sales trainer to a Fortune 500 company, ran his own business and now helps people and churches transition forward. Theologically trained and equipped with a personal journey from total brokenness to complete wholeness, he uniquely connects with readers and listeners on a level few can. Connect with him at

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