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Beautiful Quest
Peter Volkofsky . ISBN 9780994194183 . Price

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Whether we know it or not, we are on a perilous and beautiful quest. Like all such journeys there are surprises in store. We are told in this book, for example, that we “must follow love,” which conjures up images of sentimental songs, flowers and dishonesty. But the love being talked about here turns out to be something far more practical and mysterious.

The opening chapter of Beautiful Quest walks us through ‘A Music Collection’ and tells of a Russian priest who once said, “All the food of this world is divine love made edible”. From there we go on to meet various hazards and joys in chapters with titles such as ‘Mind Games’ and ‘Dark Nights and Wonders’. This latter one being a take on what we can learn from John Wesley’s attempt to love those being devoured by England’s ‘Gin Age’.

So, exactly what is this quest all about? It emerges that it’s about home and family, community and neighbourhood, and in particular, about God, which involves sacrifice. Unfortunately, these sacrifices can be wrongheaded and we can get badly hurt and lose hope. Beautiful Quest understands this and leads us to places of healing, clarity and new hope. Having enabled us to find our way again, it dares us to once more walk with God in a world deep with love, light and danger. We re-discover why knowing God is so irresistible.

The Bible matters to Peter. Theology matters. Making disciples matters. He follows Jesus as a poet, a vagabond, a shy, surprising, sometimes outrageous spiritual raconteur. By picking up this book and plunging into its delights, you get to spend time in the emotional and spiritual orbit of a unique and deep and uncompromisingly honest companion of Christ. Jump in, hold on and take the journey with an unforgettable friend.
Colin Buchanan, Entertainer

About the author:
Peter is in the role of Executive Mission Support for Cornerstone Community, an interdenominational mission order. He has lived and worked in missional communities in Australia for thirty-one years. He and his wife Penelope have been married for thirty years and have seven children. He is also a blogger, life coach, spoken-word poet and a member of the Outback Writers’ Centre. Follow him at

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