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Called to the Centre
Vivien Wilson . ISBN 9780994367501 . Price

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Why would I change careers late in life? Why would I leave the excitement and challenge-and hardships and trauma of work with World Vision in African countries, to go and set up a rehabilitation centre in the middle of Australia?

Only a call from God could make anyone do this- and He called me. It was to be a difficult and challenging journey but a fulfilling one. I believe obedience to His call brings fulfilment to anyone who dares to obey.

He had called me right to the heart of Australia.

As you read these pages I hope it will give insights into the importance to be obedient to the God-given calling in your life. It certainly has not been an easy journey, but I have learnt many things along the way and feel fulfilled in knowing that I have been used for God’s Kingdom here on earth.

About the author:

Vivien Wilson begun her journey as a preventative health care nurse working in Aboriginal communities in Queensland. She spent the next eight years working for World Vision in developing countries including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Liberia and Central Australia. Vivien became the Director of Teen Challenge Centralia, where she worked a total of twelve years mainly with Indigenous youth caught up in substance abuse.

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