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Hope, Help and Healing for the Depressed
Mark Tossell . ISBN 9780994367570 . Price

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I had it all planned out.

My escape.

From ministry. Church. Family.


My plan was meticulous, thorough and detailed. Being a British citizen by birth and an Australian citizen by choice I planned to resurrect my British passport and flee to England. Absolutely no one would know where I had gone. I could leave all of my problems behind…

I did not escape. I am still here; still married; still in the ministry; still alive. And glad for it.

This is my story.

For those of you that wrestle with the dark demons of depression, I will offer some hope in a world bereft of hope, some encouragement in a life dominated by fear and failure. For those of you that have someone you love who is battling the darkness of despair, I pray that God would use this book to better help you to understand that person, to love them, and to help them. They need you.

About the author:

Mark Tossell is a minister who lives in Sydney. He and his wife planted Lighthouse Baptist Church in Sydney in 1999, and still serve there today as Senior minister and wife. They have been married for twenty years, and have one son, Adam who is eight. He has struggled with depression for thirty years. As an experienced pastor, teacher and counsellor, and as a Christian who has struggled with serious depression for many years, Mark’s book offers a unique perspective on how to understand and treat depression. It combines an effective blend of personal experience, extensive research, and biblical insight.

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