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How are people going to hear the Gospel? Isn't that just for evangelists? Who was the Great Commission for anyway? Surely that's for those gifted in evangelism and that's not me, is it? How can you share the Gospel in 1 minute, 5 minutes or more? When sharing the Gospel are you preaching the same Gospel as the apostles? Are you explaining Biblical terms in today's English without compromising the true meaning?

These questions and many more are covered in this book which is a practical guide to evangelism, written by Helen Devenish who has years of experience of preaching the Gospel to the lost. Along the way you'll read testimonies and stories of Helen's journey into evangelism and of those she has reached with the message of the Gospel.

Helen Devenish is a wife, mother of nine children, evangelist and pastor. She lives with her husband David and family in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Together they pastor Church on the Rock and run a weekly youth night for the young people they meet through the street ministry. With their small team of helpers they have a passion to share the powerful message of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus with the lost, hurting and broken. Helen has studied her diploma in Ministry and Theology through Vision College. She has also written and runs a seminar called Fearless Evangelism for training Christians in evangelism.

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