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Living with Hope in an Interactive God
Terry O'Brien . ISBN 111445 . Price

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How do we live with hope when our whole world seems to be collapsing? In 'Living with Hope in an Interactive God' the author invites us to a regular diet of awareness. Not only to reduce mental turbulence, but also to experience God's loving presence and guidance.

The ongoing message in this revitalizing book of is in being present in the moment. God will indirectly communicate with you and give you guidance in how to live the good life. God is in the now and wants you to be joyous and happy, now.

Planning for the future is vital, but it is no more than a notion in your head. What better way to live with the challenges of life than knowing God is within us and in us and that he loves us in the present. 'Living with Hope in an Interactive God' will help you achieve this.

About the author:
Terry O'Brien has been a teacher in Christian colleges in Queensland, Australia, for over thirty years and has been influential in the formation of many young adults’ lives.
He has worked for many years as a hospital chaplain and he is also the author of 'In Awakening is the Dancing'.

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