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Second Chance
Adrian Pritchard . ISBN 9780994283214 . Price

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The true story of a heroin addict and wanted criminal for more than 15 years, Adrian Pritchard spent his life running and hiding from the police, usually high on intravenous drugs, alcohol and sex. He watched his mates being murdered or taking their own lives. He spent time in jails all around the North Island of New Zealand, sometimes in maximum security prisons with notorious criminals; sometimes in psych units and rehabs.

Adrian also spent time living in Sydney Australia, where he was running with the Highway 61 biker gang. His ‘occupation’ in Australia was running prostitutes and strippers in Kings Cross. He was also stabbed in the chest by a rival Comanchero gang member.

He came to the conclusion that there was no escape from his life of drugs, crime and gangs. But something happened when he was in jail for armed robbery - an encounter that changed his life forever. This is his story of breaking free from a life of crime and addiction.

Adrian resides in Hastings, New Zealand, with his wife of 10 years and three young daughters.

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