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Shadowed By An Angel
Katie-Anne Martin . ISBN 9780648050834 . Price

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At twenty years of age, with a bright vivacious personality, Eden McCabe is engaged to be married. Three months before the much anticipated nuptials, she travels out of town to attend a school reunion, from which, by her own choice, she does not return. For almost 5 years.

Those in her community are stunned, and her intended husband inconsolable. Upon her eventual arrival home she has become an extremely troubled young woman, who now lives as a recluse. What are the painful secrets that Eden seems intent on keeping?

This story holds a thought-provoking message for the reader, which, after many twists and turns, is revealed in its climactic finale.

About the author:
Katie-Anne Martin is a New Zealand-based writer. From an early age she has been fascinated with reading and writing. In 2007 she stepped out to embrace her passion for writing—completing and publishing the first of 4 books within a year. Shadowed By An Angel is her latest project.

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