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These Butterfly Bones
Angelica Lainis . ISBN 9780994194169 . Price

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Angel’s journey begins in South Africa on the day following her grandmother’s death. Consumed by guilt, Angel awakens to a find monster in her mind and begins the great fall into a deadly world of calorie counting and starvation. Eventually finding herself in the land of inbetween - where she is neither dead or alive. Pursuing freedom she finds herself flying across the world into a land of unknown. Fighting the demons in her mind she faces a daily struggle that most young women should never face. Dancing is her saving grace.

Fuelled by her blog, thesebuterflybones, she enters a world of girls locked behind glass cages, all with their own wings but unable to fly. Can she ever escape this world, and will she ever escape the torturous thoughts of her own mind? Will her secret battle ever be discovered? With two continents between her feet, where is God in her situation? And will she ever find peace again?

These Butterfly Bones is the real and very raw testimony of Angelica Lainis, a young South African woman who suffered with an eating disorder causing heavy depression and anxiety. The book is set in three parts: Part one: Cape Town, South Africa where it all started; Part two: Sydney, Australia where it all worsened and where her secret also finally came out, as well as where she finally gets help; and Part three: The journey out of darkness and into healing.

These Butterfly Bones is a compelling story of overcoming. It shows how an encounter with God can leave you changed forever.

About the author:
Angelica Lainis graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Dance from C3 College in Sydney Australia. Her life goal is to inspire people by telling her story. Her hope is that through her own journey she will help lead people on the path to healing. Her dream is to see women reach their full potential in life and in God. It is her mission that each woman will see their beauty in their own eyes. She has always been inspired by the dramatic arts and currently teaches pre-school dance. She has worked in kids’ volunteering for over six years. In addition to she also runs a successful fashion blog that reaches 12000 readers monthly.

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