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Life. God. Me.
Don Barns . ISBN 9780994429902 . Price

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What motivated God to create this world, and especially us humans? When we look at the mess we are in did something go wrong, or was God prepared for all the pain and grief that would flow from the way He made things?

The Bible suggests that God knew what He was doing. God has a dream, and for its fulfilment Hi people are needed; people like you and I that are trained to work with God to help Him accomplish all that there is to do. For this reason we were each given a freewill. We are valuable, but because of sin, unavailable. The Gospel invites us to reject our desires, dreams and plans in order that we might take on God’s desires and share with Him in the dream.

When we become available to God He then trains us for the unique calling that He has for us. God wants to share His future with us, and He has a unique plan for your life. Are you willing to trust Him to do something remarkable with you?

About the Author:
Don Barns is a retired member of WEC International, swerving in Japan for 15 years after which he was a faculty member of the WEC Worldview College in Launceston, Tasmania. His experience in Japan was centred around pastoral and bible teaching. He was teaching at Worldview from 1977 till 2014.

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