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God wants you to know true financial freedom. It’s true! God passionately wants you to live in the genuine security of His care, fully trusting Him to provide for you. Yet there’s only one way to find true security in turbulent financial times. In this powerful and personal work by author and business owner Rick Dunham, you’ll see how real financial security isn’t found in your pay packet, your possessions, or the size of your portfolio.


• Cuts to the heart of hot-button issues like money, stewardship, and tithing

• Has decades’ worth of biblical wisdom condensed in an easy-to-read, easy-to digest format

• Is conversational, down-to-earth, and personal

• Is perfect for any life stage

By taking you on his personal journey that includes near financial disaster - and even a bout with cancer - Rick will share how you can experience the freedom and peace God gives only when you find your real security in Him.


“Biblically insightful, based on real life experiences of financial volatility. An easy read but very challenging. A clear explanation of Jesus’ teaching on stewardship and our misplaced security.”
David Smith, Chairman, Genesis Foundation

“Ask any pastor. The sermon on ‘giving’ is his least favorite and perhaps his least preached sermon. Why? Because it touches a nerve and it makes us uncomfortable. For American Christians who are more than 100 times wealthier than Christians in the developing world, Rick Dunham has a message - God is not pleased. ‘SECURE’ is the sermon every pastor needs to preach and every Christian needs to hear.”
Rich Stearns, President, World Vision US

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