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The FOG Lifter
Gary Blackford . ISBN 9781921589720 . Price

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From a world darkened by depression and mental illness comes a message of hope to this generation

Gary Blackford is a man with a story to tell. After sinking into the blackness of depression and mental illness to the point of attempting suicide, Gary now tells a story of great hope to a generation struggling with the mind. He begins by taking the reader into the dark caverns of the mind showing his personal struggle. This story may shock some, yet give an incredible insight into what someone suffering from depression and mental illness can go through. Then like taking steps from a dark cellar into the open light, Gary leads us step by step through 9 practical steps into the light.

This book has been over 20 years in the making and told in a very real and at times quite humorous way.

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“Victor Frankel, once interred by Nazis in a concentration camp reflected on his release that those who survived did so because they found hope for their futures. Life Beyond Mental Illness is a story of hope and offers a pathway and reasons for hope. Integrating personal experience and practical, biblical wisdom this book with lead people through their journey, through the valley of the shadow of death, into a life beyond mental illness.”
Pastor Tony Sands –‘Your Church’ Church of Christ.

“Gary has written an outstanding book on depression and mental illness. It is full of real life experiences that will give hope to all readers, particularly those struggling in these areas. It’s straightforward, easy to read, yet very powerful with practical examples to help the reader biblically address some of their own issues. I highly recommend it to you.”
Ps Shaun Foster, C3 Church Coffs Harbour. NNSW Director C3 Church International.

About the Author

Now a Senior Pastor, biblical teacher, professional sales and business development trainer, winner of numerous awards for sales and account development, and have established a successful small business, Gary speaks and runs training seminars in various fields.

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