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The Witnesses
Pat Dillon . ISBN 9780992519209 . Price

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Ever wondered about the thoughts and feelings of those involved in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

An event that involved those in high office - a king and governor - as well as ordinary people like the black Simon of Cyrene, caught up, seemingly by accident, in this history changing event. What did that encounter do for them? Were they transformed for time and eternity? Or did they remain the same?

There are many unanswered questions still. One concerns the young man, John Mark. How did he get to be in Gethsemane at that crucial time of Jesus’ arrest? Just suppose that the Last Supper had been held in the upper room of his family home... That way he would have been on the spot as the group set off for Gethsemane and able to follow them.

These stories are fiction, but based on the historic facts of the arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Historical facts that have changed the world in which we live, all because of the one Man, Jesus, and His great love and sacrifice for a lost world.

The Witnesses is a series of powerful stories of those involved in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They remind us that these were real people with all the human frailties known to man. The stories give flesh, blood and personality to those who have formerly been just names in this most dramatic story.

Read this inspiring book and see afresh the wonder of God's love for you as you walk beside Simon carrying the cross, or watch Nicodemus and Joseph in their haste to remove Jesus' bloodied body before sunset and that most holy of Jewish festivals, the Passover. If you've ever wondered about the people involved, whet your appetite with these God-given stories. They may not let you go, either, for it’s no coincidence the way it all came together.

About the author

Married, and with two infant children, Pat migrated to Australia in 1968, where her husband became a Baptist pastor. Due to the business of such a life, her writing was put on hold for a number of years.

Since that time, she has been a contributor for two Christian anthologies, Grow under the Southern Cross, (for children aged 8 – 13) and another Even Before You Were Born, a Christian reflection on pregnancy. She has also had a comic piece published in The Australian, and has been a regular contributor to Footprints, formerly a quarterly Christian magazine for women.

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