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Watch Out! Godly Women On The Loose
Corallie Thornton . ISBN 978-0-9805414-8-9 . Price

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Feel trapped? Stuck in a rut? So weighed down/bound by past experiences that freedom seems virtually impossible? Then this is the book for you.

All kinds of Christian women (and men too) in need of a challenging wake-up call will benefit from reading this book. While particularly useful for anyone from a dysfunctional or abusive background, it's just as useful for long-term Christians in need of a reason to get out of bed and/or get to work in God's Kingdom.

Coming from years of neglect, depression, even suicidal thoughts, Corallie Thornton knows what it is like to feel as if your whole world is collapsing around you. In this book, she shares about her own personal struggles as a young believer, and how God was able to set her free from the bondage of her past. The book tackles issues of negativity, the desire to quit, making excuses to get out of God's work, how and why we can forgive, and being able to move on from our past.

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