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Love's True Colors
Tiffany Price . ISBN 9780994596826 . Price

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Who do you turn to when true love unravels and your whole world comes crashing down on you?

With an identity formed in the athletic world, Tessa McRae hesitantly ventures into the foreign terrain of romance and first love. Tessa is introduced to Mason Pierce, an attractive yet shy baseball player, and it doesn’t take long for Tessa to realize she has found her soulmate - the one guy she will love forever. The first stage of dating is exhilarating and carefree; however, real life hits when Tessa makes some poor decisions that send the relationship spiralling. In the middle of her college years, Tessa finds herself grappling with sexual abuse, excruciating heartache, and broken relationships. It becomes evident that Tessa’s childhood difficulties, challenges with health, and pain from a previous pastor’s cruelties have all fed into her overwhelming sense of rejection that is only amplified by Mason’s desire to end their relationship. In desperation, Tessa searches for love in unexpected places and discovers a truth she never understood before.

The true colors of love are revealed when Tessa encounters the wonder of first love, the heartache of lost love, the need for family love, the challenges with accepting God’s love, and the hope of rediscovered love.

About the author:
Tiffany Price and her husband Matt were led by God to pursue a 2-year missional opportunity in Manchester, U.K. where Tiffany penned her first romance novel, Love’s True Colors. Following her undergrad years at Chowan University, Tiffany taught in a public high school in Durham, North Carolina. Currently studying through distance education at East Carolina University, Tiffany plans to use her masters in English to teach higher education as her career takes a shift in content and setting. Tiffany and Matt are relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan to work with a church plant only a stone’s throw away from Canada, where Tiffany was born and raised.

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