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Shamira - Queen
Elizabeth Calder . ISBN 9780995391741 . Price

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The young warrior princess Shamira has taken her place as the rebellious Queen of the South. With a thousand-man army at her disposal, Shamira is determined to make a difference in Lutaris and free its people from the empire’s control.

Meanwhile, Abella travels to the Winter Province to study with the elves, only to learn that not everything in her world is as it seems.

Prophecy, prayer and love entwine Shamira and Abella's destinies as they embark on their own journeys of discovery.

About the author:
Elizabeth Calder released her first novel Shamira - Warrior in March 2016. She studies Creative Writing at Tabor College, Adelaide and is the administrative secretary for the Stories of Life writing competition. Shamira – Queen is the second book in the Shamira Trilogy. She lives in Adelaide, Australia.

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