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When Are Your Parents Coming To Get You?
Roxana Hackett . ISBN 9780994596833 . Price

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We all have a story to tell, and we all desperately need someone who can identify with our story. We need to feel that we are not the only crazy woman who’s winging it at times, with her kids.

“When Are Your Parents Coming to Get You?” portrays the day-to-day joys (and trainwrecks!) of parenting, while providing a safety net of empathy for other mothers who are seeking to weather each stage of parenting with God’s help.

If you ever feel like you’re out of your depth, then “When Are Your Parents Coming to Get You?” is for you.

About the Author
Roxana Hackett is a mother of two with a flair for the dramatic and a heart for her family. From her Romanian upbringing, she brings a delightful spin on raising children. Her writings have been featured in online magazines as well as her parenting blog,

“If you are a mom trying to raise godly children in the twenty-first century and have ever felt at a loss navigating our toxic Western culture, then this book is for you. Roxana Hackett’s disarming and personal style is less of a how-to manual, and something more like the diary of a companion on the journey—a mother who has been there, and still is. Honest, witty, at times raw, and always engaging, she weaves her own experiences and observations into more than just nuggets of poignant wisdom. She makes you aware that you are not alone and that it’s okay not to have all the answers. This is a worthy and life-giving read!”
Natalie Grant, Singer and songwriter / Bernie Herms, Composer and producer

“There are countless books out there offering advice or instructions for parents. But, at the end of the day, what most mothers need is for another mother to simply say, ‘Me, too!’ In her new book, ‘When Are Your Parents Coming to Get You?’ Roxana pulls back the curtain on motherhood and does just that. Her transparency is refreshing and her humor is contagious. Each chapter will have you nodding in complete agreement and believing that, perhaps, you’re doing okay at this parenting gig after all.”
Stacy Edwards
Author of Devotions from the Front Porch (Thomas Nelson, 2016), Devotions for Christmas (Zondervan, 2016), Devotions for Easter (Zondervan 2017), and Devotions from the Kitchen Table (Thomas Nelson, 2017); speaker; mother of five.

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