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Pressure Makes Diamonds
Simon Clegg . ISBN 9780992345242 . Price

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The world has changed so much in the past 20 years, and with it so has the pressure and the problems that teenagers face. Pressure Makes Diamonds is about building hope, resilience, self worth and identity into the lives of today’s teens, while educating parents about the modern world and the effects it has on their kids.

Identity is something that is being constantly fought for. Social media and the internet world is telling the next generation who they should be through corporate branding and propaganda. It’s a difficult world for teenagers to navigate through.

Pressure Makes Diamonds deals head-on with the following topics:

Social media

Emotional resilience

Self esteem

Self worth


Drug and alcohol prevention


Body image

Making great choices

Peer pressure

Overcoming adversity

The greatest need for any human on earth is acceptance, and unfortunately often teenagers make the wrong choices to in desiring to gain this. In this book teens will learn that if they rely on the praises of their peers, their criticism will destroy them.

Pressure Makes Diamonds is a book of inspiration and is a must read for every teenager and parent.


"This is game changing advice for both teens and parents. A MUST read."

- Josh Shipp, Author of "The Teen's Guide to World Domination"

"Fresh, impacting and insightful - GREAT advice for every teen and parent."

- Brooks Gibbs, Youth Crisis & Bullying Expert

About the author:

Simon Clegg is one of Australia's leading youth motivational speakers. He speaks internationally to thousands of teens, teachers and parents every year. He was born in England, grew up in New Zealand and now lives on the south coast of NSW, Australia with his wife and their 4 young children.

Simon speaks from a vast variety of life experiences - from being one of New Zealand’s top skateboarders to hitting rock bottom and heading down a path of serious drug and alcohol abuse.

For the past 12 years Simon has been working hands-on with young people and throughout this has gained a great insight in helping teens deal with an ever-changing complexity of the issues associated with today’s modern world.

Simon challenges young people to rise above whatever life throws at them and not to let the past dictate their future.

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