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The Armchair Fights Back
Lisa Levitt . ISBN 9780992519285 . Price

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“As we turned off the highway, we immediately started climbing into the foothills of a mountain. As we followed the road around a bend, the sun caught the hills rising sharply in front of us, and the light caught the top of the distant mountain. Both my daughter and I felt the beauty and the glory of the area, and we responded to the almost impossible green of the hills...”

Thus Lisa Levitt and two of her daughters started a new life after a marriage and family life that had become a grim and dark struggle for survival. Lisa’s marriage was fueled with hidden addictions, lies, rages, violence, unfaithfulness and silence. Life was fraught with fear, insecurity and uncertainty, and marked by chronic sickness.

The journey began with moving away, and then came the process of understanding what had happened, along with recalibrating the basics of self-esteem, a new understanding of right and wrong, developing the courage to hold a point of view, and figuring out a future with hope and laughter in it, instead of tears and fear and sickness. Lisa's iron levels were almost at zero, she had adrenal fatigue, she suffered from debilitating panic attacks, and at one point she had an abscess in her throat that almost cut off her air.

The Armchair Fights Back is the author’s description of her journey, her quest to understand what had gone wrong, and how to make sure that such a thing would not happen again.

This book is written for women who feel trapped in their relationships by frustration, by fear, or by a lack of information. It aims to help them pinpoint the real issues, rather than staying by default, or staying because they don’t think that they will survive, or that it wouldn't be best for the children.

Lisa’s story will encourage you that you can make it through.

Author Bio

Lisa Levitt has three daughters and was married for almost 22 years. She educated her daughters for 15 years and they have all found a place in the world. One works in administration, one is currently completing a summer internship at Harvard University in Boston, and one works in hospitality. Lisa lives in Queensland, Australia, and works in health retail. Through her work she connects with people from all walks of life and she loves to assist people on their quest for health and happiness.

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