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The Gardener's Son
David Munns . ISBN 9780648263944 . Price

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A person’s life consists not of what we plan or achieve, but of whether one is prepared to recognise and accept that God is in control and a willingness to surrender to His authority.

Most of us have encountered a sense of disorientation in our youth and a lack of direction in our lives and I was no exception. Perhaps more so than most, since I was raised among the strong, secretive, restrictive church of the Exclusive Brethren. Here, I will lead the reader through the hallways of this sect, giving you a peek at their doctrines, conduct, beliefs and practices.

This will be a tortuous journey of discovering that compass and sense of purpose, but after looking back I can trace God’s directive hand in my footsteps.

After three and a half decades of service with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, I came within seconds of a face to face encounter with death. I had exhausted all my resources in handling the crisis and had virtually resigned myself, my crew and patient to a tragic, fiery death.

The Gardener’s Son is a fascinating story that will keep you intrigued.

About the author:
Capt. David G Munns was introduced to the crisis of World War 2 as a child. His early years were encompassed with the trappings of the war, particularly the war in the Pacific. Across the road from his home, the US Navy set up camp for their Catalina base at Pelican Point.
His early life encompassed the environment, aeroplanes and the University of Western Australia, since his father was the gardener there. His exposure to aviation in his early years was the catalyst for taking up flying later in his life, when he joined the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

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