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The Pastor's Kid
Danielle Weiler . ISBN 9780995391796 . Price

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Mattie is a pastor's kid, a PK. She hasn't minded that title so much while living in the city, but the rural town her family is relocated to is a different story.

Next door lives Jay. He's always been told by his father what to think, but now he's sick of it. He wants answers about his mum, and he wouldn't know it, but he could use a friend like Mattie.

The more time Mattie and Jay spend together, the more they come to realise that perceptions are just that. That it doesn't really matter what you believe if you don't own it. And that Christian music can totally be cool.

But when Mattie's sister and Jay's best friend hook up, and the Chapel program threatens to be a shambles, and Mattie can't let go of the memory of that awful last softball game...Mattie wonders if she'll ever be able to fit in.

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