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The Tent and the Elephant
Colin Reed . ISBN 9780994194121 . Price

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Colin Reed was born and raised into a missionary family in the heart of Africa, growing up in an environment very few western people have ever encountered. Later he and his wife lived through many of the dramatic changes that Africa has seen over the past fifty or so years.

In this book he graphically recounts memories of some of these events. He gives glimpses of the colonial world into which he was born, and of the birth pains of Africa’s independent states. He writes with experience of two civil wars and a border conflict, and then paints some world pictures of Africa in the 21st century.

All of this is interwoven with stories of real people and their faith in God, their struggles and joys. He helps us to see into the inner world of Africa, the world of belief in spiritual powers, and the greater power of God’s good news in Jesus. He helps bring to life the changing face of Eastern Africa and its complex combination of traditional beliefs and customs and modern aspirations.

This is a book that entertains and yet instructs. It moves the heart, for it is about the God of love interacting with people. Few people have had the opportunity to see seventy years of changes in Africa and in the church there and to reflect on them. Reading this book will help you to feel something of the excitement and vigour that makes Africa and its people so alive.

About the author:

Colin Reed was born in the heart of Africa over 70 years ago, to missionary parents who lived on the banks of the Zambezi River. Though Australia is now his home, he and his wife Wendy worked for many years in East Africa. Before emigrating to Australia they taught in Kenya and in Australia he served on the staff of Church Missionary Society. Later they returned to Africa to teach at a Bible College in Tanzania. Since retiring Colin has returned to that country every year for short visits. Colin is also a pastor in the Anglican Church. They have three adult children, two of whom were born in Africa, and all of whom spent their early childhood years there.

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