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There Runs A Quiet River
L.N. Walker . ISBN 9780992572631 . Price

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There Runs a Quiet River is a compelling story of life in Vietnam during most of the 20th Century. It shares the true story of the author’s father, Pastor Xuyen, his faithfulness in living his Christian faith and the resilience of his family as they face numerous challenges and setbacks.

There Runs a Quiet River has a social rather than a military focus. It covers the life of a poor family and the impact of he Vietnam conflict on the family. The memoir shares Pastor Xuyen’s dedication, courage and persistence in his venture of winning souls for Christ and of avoiding premature death. It also reveals something of the secret activities of the Viet Minh and the pressure from all sides of the long conflict on ordinary people.

It is the intimate story of an average Vietnamese family enjoying simple life pleasures in urban and rural settings. In April 1975 Saigon falls and Vietnam comes under Communist rule. The memoir describes firsthand the impact of this change on the lives of ordinary people, the dilemma of trying to escape and the cost a Christian minister has to pay in order to maintain a true Christian witness.

'It's evident pastor Xuyen was a remarkable man with a story worth telling.'
Philip Yancey

About the author:

Lien Nguyen Walker, was born in Vietnam, and is now an Australian citizen. She worked with the Australian medical team in the 1960s as a translator, before working as manager for sponsorship for World Vision in Vietnam, 1968--1975. She escaped Vietnam as a refugee in 1981, after six failed attempts. Settling in Australia in 1981, she worked for World Vision Australia, before marrying and moving to Bangkok. She and her husband returned to Australia in 2007. She is also the author of two previous books.

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