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Teach Pray Love
Helen McNab . ISBN 9780994194152 . Price

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Helen McNab was one of the early Christian Studies teachers in Sydney Australia in the 1990s. This is her story.

On these pages, “we see Helen the teacher who followed a long arc of classroom innovation because she believed passionately that she was a maker of young minds. Helen proceeded with excellence in her classroom as a service to her God. This Helen illuminates every page.”
“We also experience Helen the romantic who struggles, along with her family, with her father’s debilitating stroke. We also follow her through the love and loss of a handsome friend.”

“And so we come to Helen the spirited and spiritual seeker who confronted her God on the front lines of some very tricky social situations. As a teacher, occupying a space of high visibility and accountability, she didn’t enjoy the luxury of confining her God to private worship or the remote sanctity of a chapel. Her God was also a God of public spaces who had to withstand critical scrutiny from an increasingly unchurched generation and a boisterously cynical society.” Glynn Curram

“I was impressed with your ability to create engaging narratives that ensure readers remain interested in your story.” Laurel Cohn

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